Sculpture is definitely my main discipline. Here is a selection of my most recent work. All are modelled in clay, some fired and some cast in bronze.   There are many recurring themes and slowly new ideas evolve and new characters develop.  These are often symbolic or are allegorical in nature.  Our relationship with what or who we are and how we fit into the order of the natural world are of endless fascination.  All enquiries very welcome.


Drawing for me is an activity in it’s own right.  These are not plans or preparation for particular sculptures.  In fact the making of sculpture for me informs the making of drawings, which I think is usually the other way round for a lot of artists.  Here I am showing a selection, many of these have sold, but not all. Please feel free to make any enquiries. 


When I first went to art college I was convinced I was the convinced I would pursue the art of painting. Until I tried sculpture I had really not considered it for me.  Consequently over the years I do return to it, often finding it far more of a struggle than sculpture which somehow makes simple logical sense.  All enquiries welcome.