For me the creative making experience is always a journey of discovery and clay being so mobile and responsive, changing from moment to moment it is the perfect material. It is primitive and seemingly unsophisticated, yet so sensitive it can magically take on any form or quality. Perfect to explore and translate ideas and to transform feelings and dreams into sculpture.

My early work was made with formal sculptural ideas dominating. Yes it was figurative but first and foremost it was sculpture! Employing the formal considerations of composition – balance, weight and rhythm etc. These qualities combined with the universal language of gesture and movement (such as in dance). fascinated for many years.

Over these years the realisation that a huge amount of our communication with each other is done physically, and that this body language and gesture and even facial expressions so closely resemble the silent gestures and movements used by the animals I have shared my life with. Thus reinforcing for me the knowledge of where we come from.

We are animals – the human animal! Our intuitive Instincts, often described as ‘animal’ have always been qualities locked within us. We share our world with animals. We share equivalent anatomy with them. We are from them. In ancient stories and myths all over the world as far back as it is possible to go, our connection with the natural world and ‘animal magic’ can be found.

At present I am exploring new ways of thinking about our current relationship with nature and the earth.   Re-visiting and reconnecting with ancient archetypes seen throughout history to see if they can still speak to us.  Now more than ever, there seems to be a need to re-awaken and reconnect with our sentient friends in compassionate respectful harmony. 

Looking back, to look forward.  Looking inside to look out.

Digging deep to resurface, from the dark side to see the light.